Take Time to LIVE 👠


It’s what we all “plan” to do.

To grow up, get a great job, and live the dream.

“To live, laugh and love”, right?

To live freely, fully, faithfully.

But how many of us truly do?

How many of us actually are LIVING the LIFE our soul knows we are capable of?

I can only speak for myself and I was not LIVING mine.

I was making a life “planning” to live when the time was right.

……Maybe I’ll do that when I’m 50.

……Maybe when I retire.


I was feeling powerful by discussing plans and making lists.

Really, I was just kicking the can down the road.

Until last November✔️

My husband and I found out that a dear friend of ours was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer late last year.

The news hit us hard, as she has always been more like an aunt to us through the years.

She, too, had plans.


Sometimes it takes a shock like that to cause you to evaluate your own choices and the “what if’s”.

What if?……

What if I ran out of time ⌛️????

And then, my mind started to flood with all the things I wanted to accomplish.

All the lives I wanted to touch.

Ironically, every fall, I sit down with myself to evaluate my growth and think about how I would like to improve my soul while I am here.

I recognized that I hold myself back from many things in this life… and being reminded of the ticking clock ⏰, and the uncertainty of my days here….I chose my word…….LIVE.

I chose it with excitement.

I chose it with determination.

I chose it with wide open eyes.

Almost like a child.

Realizing that this would be the year I would finally “push” myself to LIVE.

For me, that means really being present.

Going into adventures with an open mind, trying new things, crossing things off my bucket list….and living like tomorrow is not promised (because, it is not❤️).

……So, I decided to run a marathon.

I had mentioned my “word of the year” to my oldest son and had also expressed that I was “intrigued” by the thought of actually running 26.2 miles(in one day)!!!

After some prompting(and pushing)….I registered.

It was the day after Thanksgiving.

I will tell you that I will never forget the rush of adrenaline that went through my veins as I confirmed it online, the sweat that ran down my back, and the instant panic to turn back….

Because why?….well, because I didn’t have to do it now…I have time. ⏰

After trying to get out of it, talking squeamishly about it, and almost being ill because I also shared it on social media…. I was stuck.

What had I done?

And, then, I had a breakthrough.

I had just LIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My noun became a verb.

My word became an action.

My goal became a journey.

That journey has changed me already.

Only 6 weeks in and I am stronger…in all sorts of ways.

And strangely, calmer…more so than I have ever been.

While running the other day, I pictured myself snuggling into a comfy arm chair at the end of the day……I’m settling into the newest version of me and I like it.

Someone who is LIVING and in the midst of that, feeling so free.

Time is a tricky little bugger, isn’t he?

So I challenge you all…..why wait??

Buy the cute red 👠 shoes….and wear the shit out of them!

Go on the vacation you were planning for “someday”.

Call the long lost friend or family member and mend your broken hearts.

Stop making those useless lists that you store in a drawer and thinking the thoughts of what you would change if you found out you we’re running out of time…..

Because you are….


LIVE your beautiful LIFE now.


This minute.


And don’t forget this one thing …..

“The biggest mistake you will ever make is thinking you have the time.” ⏰

👙💥Live loud and live NOW, friends💥👠

Much love,

Linda ❤️

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