Be still♥️

Remember, in order to walk on the water, you have to Trust Him and get out of the Boat ⛵️
Move past Fear to Peace

For over 25 years, whenever there has been a crisis or a potentially life changing event in my life, I had to figure out a way to be an example.

To be stronger than the storm.

To stand tall against all odds, as I knew 4 beautiful souls were watching and learning.

“Who you are, they will become”.

I had to figure out a way to be stronger than my circumstances and to rise above.

So, I gave my burdens and weaknesses to God.

I stepped out of the boat and into the stormy sea.

I figured, He created the Heavens and Earth, right?

I’m guessing he won’t let me drown.

And, to date, He has come through.

For it all.

In the middle of a recession, when I was trying to feed and clothe my 4 children, we never went without.

Through the years of hell I endured in my childhood, I was always protected.

He has carried me through every storm.

And this time, I trust that it will be no different. So, once again, I’m grabbing onto His almighty hand.

I’ll admit, I’ve gotten a little freaked out.

You all know what I’m taking about.

It’s all over Facebook, on the news, in the papers and it seems that even the most light hearted conversations turn to it.


It’s this big, scary, unknown “monster” that is threatening our routines, putting lives at risk, and disrupting our plans.

We are afraid to lose control.

At least I know I am…

And then I began to wonder why.

If I truly trust in Him, why would I ever let an earthly problem control me? Well, because I am weak and human and because I gave the fear power.

So, I have decided to take that power back.

I’ll use the energy to be a Light in the Darkness.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

I can be proactive without running away in Fear.

Now, I may have purchased some toilet paper and a few staples. My hands are a bit more dry than normal, from extra hand washing…. and I may have increased my vitamin C intake.

Those are not fear based, that is preparation.

I’ve always said I only blog when I am pulled to my chair and prompted in the early morning hours.

So, here I am.

I’m writing this to empower you. ♥️

To remind you to rise above the circumstances we have in front of us and remember who’s in control.

…spoiler alert…it’s not US!

I’ve been running a lot lately…, a lot.

And in doing so, I am forced to be alone(almost still) with myself for sometimes hours.

You can do a lot of thinking during that time(trust me)😉.

What came to mind on my last run was this,

“What are we all running from?”

Maybe you are reading this at this very moment thinking, “how dare her, I’m not running from anything.”

Yeah, I thought that once too.

But, here’s the thing.

We all are.

And with that thought, my mind took a turn.

The media, the press, the misinformation.

It’s all fear based.

There’s some good, logical info out there, but with this all being so new, do any of us really know the truth?

That brought me to my mantra of comfort that day…

“God already knows the ending.”

Say that again.

He already knows the ending.

He knows how it’s all gonna go down, friends! Now, I don’t know about you, but that brings me to a whole new level of PEACE.

He’s GOT this.

We are all human and it’s normal for us to feel fear. It’s not healthy for us to go running around scared, essentially running from something unknown.

And, that, in itself is frightening.

From the “what if’s”, to the nights that never seemed to end as a child, the times when I felt like I was on the edge….to today.

God has never let me walk alone…..He walks beside you, too.

Think of Him as the parachute 🪂. He may have us step to the edge, we may lose our balance, but He will never let us fall.

So, if only for today….

Breathe in the Peace ☮️

The calm of knowing it will all work out for the good.

The reassurance that you are safe, being supported and held by something GREATER than you. ♥️

And try to remember as I do, that we don’t have to carry these heavy burdens on our own.

Give them to God.

And as one of my dear friends used to tell me,

“He’s got your back”.

Blessings, health and peace to each of you. ♥️

Be still.

Much Love,

Linda ♥️

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