Time to Fly

I still remember when I found out I was pregnant with her, at the age of 26. I recall thinking, “Wow, I’ll be 43 when she graduates high school!” That seemed so old, and so very far away……

I write this today with so much gratitude. Gratitude for time.

I have watched my 4 beautiful children emerge into adults. And, it has been, without a doubt, one of the most amazing events my eyes have seen.

My youngest daughter is just a few days away from walking across the stage to receive her high school diploma and all the while, these words circle my mind, “Where did the time go?”

I remember calling my mom when the kids were all very small. 4 children, under the age of 6 was a lot. I remember a specific conversation with her. I called her crying, exhausted, and feeling defeated. I just couldn’t keep up anymore. The laundry was never ending, the diapers, the crying, etc. She calmly said, “Enjoy every moment because you will BLINK and they will be gone”. I remember thinking she was crazy. At that moment, I could only dream about having a quiet moment to myself.

But, she was 100% correct.

The years flew.

In reflecting, I find, that we “scream” through our years. Like a freight train, rushing to get somewhere, but barely staying on the tracks.

The soccer games, volleyball tournaments, dance recitals, softball, track, cross country, dinner, homework, laundry, jobs, and …..POOF💥

You wake up one morning and realize you JUST packed her the very last school lunch. You will watch her walk out the door for school one last time. And she GREW up, right before your very eyes.


There isn’t much I would do differently, nothing I would change. However, if I had to do it all again, I wouldn’t spend time doing dishes or laundry. I’d sit and read them that book. I’d run outside with them in the rain. Because that’s what they’ll remember the most.

As my youngest child embarks on her new adventures and her new found freedom, I, too, will begin again.

The term “empty nester” isn’t as scary anymore. I like to think of myself as a “graduate” instead. I completed course 1 in motherhood. And I cannot wait to start the 2nd phase.

I’ve learned, as the others have grown into adults, there is another level to motherhood. They still need me, but in different ways. We still make memories, just new ones. And phase 2 involves a lot less diapers and laundry!

As the memories flood through my head the next few days, I will be thankful.

43 is here. And my prayers, all these years have been answered. I was blessed to be a part of this journey. To be an integral part in 4 souls blossoming into adults.

And if I did my job well, they will fly.

Have you ever seen the movie, “Charlotte’s Web”? There’s the original version where Charlotte’s babies have “hatched”. Apparently, some spiders fly off when they are born. There is this part where her babies are flying away and she is not ready. She calls to them, “Wait, I didn’t get to say goodbye, I’m not ready”.

That’s this phase. 1.5😉

In a few days, ready or not, my daughter will begin her flight.

And unlike the spiders, never returning home, I will see her many more times.

She is ready. And so am I.

Just like I’ve always told her, “Your wings are ready, all you have to do is FLY”.

Congratulations, baby girl!🎓

We are so very proud of you❤

And for all the mamas out there, be thankful. Be blessed. Be exhausted, excited, and a mess. It’s ok.

Celebrate each minute, day and year…because each moment will pass quickly. This, I know.

God has given us a miracle every day…..Our children.

I have 4 miracles in my life.

It has been, and will continue to be…


Celebrate the moments!

Much love,