Within these walls

There’s a children’s book that goes something like this….in a tiny town, there is a tiny house, in that tiny house lives a tiny family…. and so on and so forth. Anyone remember that?

Well, in all my years showing and selling homes, I’ve come to the conclusion that you really, truly have no idea what is going on inside the four walls in others homes or what others are dealing with in their day to day lives. Everyone’s home has a different feel, everyone’s world is turning at a different speed. And sometimes, what appears to be reality….is not. 

Lately, so many struggles have come to the surface for so many people. So much pain, so many secrets unfolding. As I sit there and read it, see it, or hear it, there is a phrase screaming in my head. 

“Be kind, for you never know the battle someone is fighting”.

And you know what? You don’t. 

From cancer to divorce, addictions, and “real life” struggles. 

It’s so eye opening. 

In a world where Facebook and social media paints the perfect picture,on a daily basis, it’s a gentle reminder that we are all human. We are all torn and tattered. We all have scars. And in my opinion, that is what makes us beautiful. 

It also brings me back to the center. The center of it all. 

Each day is not a “given”.  We may not wake up tomorrow. If today seemed calm, in an instant, tomorrow may turn into chaos. We have very little control of so many things, that is why we have to fight so hard to control our own minds. To practice empowering our heads so we are ready to handle anything….with grace. 

And to also appreciate the calm, so we can weather the storms. 

When I see or hear of others struggles, my first instict(because of who I am), is to panic for them. I am an empath so their pain becomes mine, in a sense. I have learned to detach from that, however, and just pray. 

God’s got it. 

That’s what gets me through. It gives me the strength to show up for them, be their rock, or just listen. 

So, please be kind. 

On a lighter note, there are so many triumphs that I have witnessed. Beating the addiction, weddings, births, and growth. 

Life is truly a journey. It’s path is scattered with flowers and rainbows, and other times, devastating tornadoes that stop your life in its tracks. 

The success comes in how we handle this life. What we learn and how we endure. 

That’s the real test. 

I’d say, we’re all doing a damn good job with what we have been given. 

And I plan to use the lessons I have learned to do an even better job showing up for this life, in every sense. 

To be a better friend, mom, wife, and renovator. 

Start building from within, friends. We already have the tools💜

Have a fabulous weekend and as you go through today, maybe go out for dinner tonight…don’t judge…be kind and SEE…. for what you think is reality(within these walls), may not be.  
Much love,

Linda 💜

Ripple effect….

These last 2 weeks have been hard. As I mentioned before, we are displaced due to home renovation, just as I began “Level 2” of my nutritional journey. What am I thinking??????

This past Saturday, I woke up to my 4am alarm, ready to hit the gym with an empty stomach, to conquer the treadmill.  I woke up feeling weak and exhausted. My body screamed, “Noooooo” and I listened. I reached out to my trainer to let him know I missed my workout and would go on Sunday. Sunday came and more of the same followed. Not only am I exhausted, but I am pissed off, on the verge of tears, and I just want a FUCKING CUPCAKE or even a beer!!!!!!😩

Trust me, there isn’t an Emogi out there to describe my rage. I am hangry. And now, I’m pissed. I have forgotten my WHY. 

I worked most of the weekend, as real estate agents often do…the whole time focusing on my pain. Not literal pain, more like entitlement, squashed expectations on how this journey would go down, and how badly I wanted chocolate. 

How was my weekend?  Shitty. 

And I don’t really ever say that. 

I am starving, tired and….big mistake here…”I don’t LOOK” any different. You see, I forgot my WHY. I didn’t sign up for this disciplined way of life to look different, I’m not on a weight loss challenge.  I am out to crush my inner demons. You know, the voices from the past….telling me how bad I suck at life, how little I am worth and how much I CANNOT DO. I call bullshit. On myself. 

WHY? Why am I doing this? So many have asked. This is my why…..

“To be better and stronger and more in tune with Linda than my soul has ever been. To know my worth and the strength I have to offer to others. To erase my fathers voice forever.”

And keep in mind, friends, this is only step one. 

My trainer, Dave, is a pretty special guy. He knows me very well.  Which, I feel, is so crucial to this type of challenge. He calmed me and reminded me of my goals yesterday and had me come in to do a body scan(to evaluate my progress) today. I hate when he is right.  “Consistency, sacrifice and hard work always pays off.” Right, Dave? 

 Yes, it does.

 I am back on track and on fire again. Ready to embrace the suck. 

And then there’s my “forever friend”, Joan. This lady is a powerhouse, but just doesn’t know it yet. She is on a journey of her own and is seeing amazing results….in so many areas of her life. She is becoming empowered, stronger and changing in so many ways that she is now impacting the lives of those around her. She sent me an emotional text this morning, reminding me what I have given to her and the impact I am making…..she has no idea how that made my morning. “Thank you” are 2 very powerful and moving words. 

It’s a ripple effect……and it is so beautiful.  

You see, what Dave gave to me and what I learned last year(Level 1), I gave freely to Joan, who will now continue to share with her people, and so on and so forth.

What I have seen in the midst of my darkness, is that there is light.  It’s mind blowing to me the “Angels” that show up when you need them the most. Today, there names are Dave and Joan💜.

When my wings won’t work, they help me to fly. When my heart is heavy, they remind me of the love and support that surrounds me. Angels. They do walk among us. 

I found this quote below shortly after I finished my workout this morning. It gave me power and stirred something inside. 

I hope it does for you today, too.  

Without the pain(which can be various things), there can be no rising. 

I have decided to feel it, embrace it, sit with it and make it a part of me. Then, when I have reached my goals, it will no longer control me. 

Remember, First the pain, then the Rising.  Check out Glennon Doyle Melton….she’s got game, and some amazing advice. 
Be blessed and empowered today my friends!

Renovate and RISE 🦋🦋🦋

Much love,


Through the eyes of LOVE ❤️ 

Today’s post is about PERCEPTION. I love it. I love the word, I love the concept. 

Someone once told me,”People perceive the world as they are”. Think about that. If someone is deceitful, they are always feeling deceived, if someone is kind, they act in kindness, and if someone is ……..fill it in, friends. We all have an example. 

This weekend was full of perceptions for me. In life, we all like to assume and make up our own story to fit what we are perceiving. “She’s ignoring me because”, “That person wronged me because”, etc. But, do we really know what is going on???

 These are just some examples. 

I am guilty of these things. My daughter once told me that “everyone doesn’t think or act like me”, “their intentions and heart aren’t where yours is”. What a concept. 

I like to do the right thing. I’ll admit, I am naive, but isn’t everyone??? 

Um, no😐

What I have been fighting to do is to see situations and people through the eyes of LOVE ❤️. Corny or not, it works. 

I drive my husband crazy asking, “Why would they do that?” “Why would someone say that?” 

 I guess we may never know. 

What I do know and what I have control over is me. 

My thoughts. How I handle the situation and how I move forward. Always in LOVE ❤️.

I’ve started feeling bad for some whose anger is a catalyst for their decisions. I’ve started praying for those who are too weak to stand up to life. I have started again to LOVE ❤️. 

You can too!  But, It takes practice. That…..I have learned😉.

Think about this…..The next time someone acts against you or a loved one. The next time someone “attacks”or accuses you. The next time someone questions your motive. What should you do?

1.) Step back. 

Think about who they are and how they perceive the world. And most importantly, remember who you are.  

Take a moment to respond, but always respond in LOVE ❤️ 

Don’t get hung up in the day to day drama. The world is gonna keep on turning and you don’t have to be the one to spin it. 

Do your thing…..there is so much freedom in that!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” 

Much love,


After all these years…..

32 years ago today. 

I remember going for a bike ride around our block and coming back home. She wasn’t there anymore, and I could feel her absence. 

April 21,1985. The day my Grandma passed on. She was my lifeline in a world of chaos, my oxygen when my parent’s anger and alcoholism suffocated me, and most of all, my very best friend. 

Have you ever had a person come into your life and just GIVE? They give you encouragement,strength, happiness and a belief that there is so much good in the world??

“Groom”, as we called her, was that person for me. She was this amazing soul that gave to everyone around her, without expecting anything in return. For those that know me, they know the unique love my Grandma gave to me. You see, she had a stroke that took away her ability to speak when I was 3 years old, so I have no memory of her voice. But, the way she loved me was shown in extraordinary ways. 

Her eyes. Those glistening, blue eyes. They showed compassion, kindness, drive, and joy. They are burned into my memory, even after 32 years of not being able to look into them. 

She taught me resilience, how to overcome, and that love never dies. 

I always “felt” her presence in my life, even as a young girl. Late last year, I wanted to find out if it was her, so I visited a lady for an “energy reading”.  My Grandma came through. I was very skeptical, at first, but the things this lady talked of, no one else in the entire world(other than Groom) would have known. Intimate details of prayers and struggles, that I had “chatted ” with my beautiful Grandma about through the years. 

 After all these years………

She had never left my side. 

There is unimaginable beauty and peace in that. She has guided me and loved me, from wherever she is at. 

I honor her today, as I do every year. A very powerful force in my life left this world long ago, on this day. 

However, she has never, ever, ever left my heart. The impact she had on my life is evident. I giggle to myself sometimes, as I am just as stubborn as she, almost as driven, and I hope to be as unforgettable when my time here comes to an end. 

For today, we rise. Today we give thanks. Today we believe, without a doubt, that love never dies. It remains and moves along with us…..

After all these years. 
Love you forever, Groom. 

Self doubt and me

So, yesterday, I had coffee with one of my coaches. We are prepping and planning for training that will begin in July.   I decided, before the meeting, that it was important for me to let him “understand ” me and how I work. I Am a very complicated person, and that is ok….I am also very dynamic too! I shared some things that I have been struggling with and hoping to “break through”…barriers, if you will.

 Like the day I was one of the first people done with 150 wall balls, but for some reason, I didn’t believe I counted correctly, I mean I couldn’t be done….others that appear fitter than me were still working. Hmmm. It led me to some thoughts…..and 26 more. 

Why? Why the hell did I not think I was good enough or strong enough to be done?  Well, the beliefs from the past started in and they won. 

I went from feeling pride with how hard I worked to disappointment and frustration with myself. 

I’d like to think I am a confident, empowered, strong woman. But, for whatever reason, that morning, I was not. 

Lesson learned. I won’t let the past define me. Nor will it limit me any longer. 

You see, self doubt can really mess things up for us. 

We need to let go and believe. Move past our limiting beliefs and know that we are capable of so much more. 

My coach challenged me to “celebrate” the next time I succeed, not question it. 

And I promise you………I will!!!!

Today, we END the self doubt for good.  
Much love, 


Embrace the beauty of Change

Good morning, Renovators!!!!

I always enjoy sharing my experiences, hoping it will help others dealing with similar circumstances. 

This week, I feel like The Universe has been trying to teach me patience, as I am in the middle of many changes. 

I began “Level 2” of my journey with my nutrition. What that has meant for me is I have taken all sugars, dairy, grains and most fats out of my diet. Sounds simple enough, but it isn’t. 

“It doesn’t get easier, we get stronger”…..right?

Holy hell. Your body goes through withdrawals, along with the mental discipline it took on Easter Sunday to NOT eat the jellybeans and robins eggs that my father in law kindly set out for us to enjoy. Yeah, right.

 I had half of a chicken breast and cauliflower for my Easter dinner. 

But, I survived. And continue to this week, as I did last. See, I’m in the for the long haul(big picture). 

So that was lifechanger #1. 

My husband and I decided a while ago we wanted wood floors throughout our house this spring. So, we did what all super, crazy busy real estate agents, parents, and business owners do. We started tearing out carpet and subfloor just as we approach our “busy season” and then….scheduled for the flooring installers to show up the following week.

 Yup. We are thinkers. 

So, the other Change we are in the middle of, is living in my in law’s basement. Now, let me first start by saying, it’s a finished basement, they are amazing, and luckily, we all get along splendidly. However, my bed feels different than this one, my blender for my shakes is at home, and my cozy blanket is not here. 

Life is rough. 


So, these last two weeks have been an adjustment, to say the least. 

In the midst of it all, I found the beauty. 

I was in a funk, on Monday. Stumbling on how I thought the day should go, thinking I shouldn’t be inconvenienced, wanting to do what I want to do, when I want to do it. Went in late to work out, low productivity at work, slump😠.

 And then, I walked my dog. 

Do you have any idea the world problems I solve while that leash is in my hand?

I do😉

Anyway, along the way, there were dandelions! And buds on the trees! And a squirrel! Haha. But, seriously, my view changed from entitlement to gratitude, which was amazing. In that moment, I remembered how blessed I am. I’m walking, breathing in fresh air, living my life, getting new wood floors, being taken care of by my loving in laws and I am ok 👌🏻 

And you know, there’s beauty in that release. 

Think about what lifechangers you are in the midst of today and make sure your view is in focus. 

Focus on the beauty of the Change and the angels and opportunities that show up along the path through the lesson.  

Have a fantastic Wednesday and don’t forget to Always Believe in the Power of You💜
Much love,


First blog post

Hello, Renovators!

I finally took that leap of faith and created my own blog so I can share my thoughts and tools of empowerment with the world!

My posts are meant to be about renovating yourself from the inside out in order to live your life at 110%.  Why on earth would you have it any other way?

Our time here is so very short….why waste another second on regrets, fears or limitations??

This site is meant to be interactive and vibrant.

We are all here for a beautiful and specific reason…….it’s time for us to start living with PURPOSE.

It’s time, my friends…….TO RENOVATE AND RISE!!!!


Much love,



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