Embrace the beauty of Change

Good morning, Renovators!!!!

I always enjoy sharing my experiences, hoping it will help others dealing with similar circumstances. 

This week, I feel like The Universe has been trying to teach me patience, as I am in the middle of many changes. 

I began “Level 2” of my journey with my nutrition. What that has meant for me is I have taken all sugars, dairy, grains and most fats out of my diet. Sounds simple enough, but it isn’t. 

“It doesn’t get easier, we get stronger”…..right?

Holy hell. Your body goes through withdrawals, along with the mental discipline it took on Easter Sunday to NOT eat the jellybeans and robins eggs that my father in law kindly set out for us to enjoy. Yeah, right.

 I had half of a chicken breast and cauliflower for my Easter dinner. 

But, I survived. And continue to this week, as I did last. See, I’m in the for the long haul(big picture). 

So that was lifechanger #1. 

My husband and I decided a while ago we wanted wood floors throughout our house this spring. So, we did what all super, crazy busy real estate agents, parents, and business owners do. We started tearing out carpet and subfloor just as we approach our “busy season” and then….scheduled for the flooring installers to show up the following week.

 Yup. We are thinkers. 

So, the other Change we are in the middle of, is living in my in law’s basement. Now, let me first start by saying, it’s a finished basement, they are amazing, and luckily, we all get along splendidly. However, my bed feels different than this one, my blender for my shakes is at home, and my cozy blanket is not here. 

Life is rough. 


So, these last two weeks have been an adjustment, to say the least. 

In the midst of it all, I found the beauty. 

I was in a funk, on Monday. Stumbling on how I thought the day should go, thinking I shouldn’t be inconvenienced, wanting to do what I want to do, when I want to do it. Went in late to work out, low productivity at work, slump😠.

 And then, I walked my dog. 

Do you have any idea the world problems I solve while that leash is in my hand?

I do😉

Anyway, along the way, there were dandelions! And buds on the trees! And a squirrel! Haha. But, seriously, my view changed from entitlement to gratitude, which was amazing. In that moment, I remembered how blessed I am. I’m walking, breathing in fresh air, living my life, getting new wood floors, being taken care of by my loving in laws and I am ok 👌🏻 

And you know, there’s beauty in that release. 

Think about what lifechangers you are in the midst of today and make sure your view is in focus. 

Focus on the beauty of the Change and the angels and opportunities that show up along the path through the lesson.  

Have a fantastic Wednesday and don’t forget to Always Believe in the Power of You💜
Much love,


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