In my time, I hope you know

In my time, I hope you know….

That your life here has forever changed mine.

I clearly remember what I was doing that day.

I texted a dear friend about a karaoke contest I was in.

The text I got back has forever changed the course of events.

She replied, “Can I get back to you? I’m in the ER.”

Later that month, she was diagnosed with liver cancer.

What has transposed over the course of 9 months is what I refer to as an awakening.

This is published with her permission and after her review.

I know a lot of people and I have seen a lot of things.

But the past 6 months have opened my eyes to who I am as a human, the impact I am leaving on this earth, and how incredibly precious time truly is.

We all talk about “living in the moment”, we share the quotes on Facebook about time, but until it knocks on your front door and you are forced to open it, it’s a bunch of bullshit.

We take it for granted every single day.

This past spring, we got the message that another dear friend of ours had fallen ill.

Mysteriously and suddenly.

I don’t even know how to pronounce or spell what his body has been stricken with.

He also has given me his permission and has reviewed this blog.

And once again, time was at the door, banging loudly.

I remember laughing with our secretary before our vacation a couple of years ago.

She never made it back to the office again.

While we were away, she drove herself to the ER, as she was in terrible pain.

She fought until the end….she allowed me to be a part of her intimate journey, and view the world through her eyes …and because of her battle and her deep faith, I was never the same.

Have you caught yourself saying “I’ll get to that later”, “I will meet for coffee another day”, “I’ll call to make amends another time”…


Another day.

Another time.

What has been revealed cannot be undone.

And what has been left undone…well, there is only so much time.

My eyes have a new vision, because of the journey of these 3 souls.

I have watched an ordinary Tuesday become the unimaginable.

A diagnosis is a stopwatch being started…the clock has started ticking and there is now a potential expiration of time.

We don’t always appreciate the time we have been given.

We are all so busy working towards retirement, running on the hamster wheel, or taxiing kids that life just seems to go on auto pilot.

Until the day you can’t do these things anymore.

There’s the unexplained pain.

The crushing fatigue.

The words that rock your world until you go numb.

I have always believed that God uses us.

Actually, it’s one of my daily prayers.

Each morning, I sit and pray,

“God, how would you use me today?”

He uses us in all sorts of ways.

From messengers to servants, guides, protectors, and ….Instruments.

And I believe these 3 souls are being called to show Us how to LIVE and how to value our TIME.

Early on, my husband told our dear friend that she had been given a gift.

The gift of SIGHT.

“You will now be able to see things in a way very few people will ever get to see them”.

Think of this.

Have you ever been given something that everyone had?

In this case, time.

We all have it.

And because it is so common and ordinary, you took it for granted or threw it away?

It is only when you can have just a small portion of it, or it is taken from you , that the true value is seen.

And then, it can be too late.

I want these 3 souls to know that they have made a difference.

I want the world to know that their struggles have impacted me.

And, because of them, my view of time has been forever altered.

I no longer hold back forgiveness, love or understanding.

I may not have enough time.

I no longer wait for the next opportunity, for tomorrow, or another day.

I may not have enough time.

I have never cared so deeply, appreciated so many small things, and used the words “I Love you” so freely.

My heart needed to share these words and their inspiration with the world.

Their struggles are being fought with Grace, Strength, Dignity, and a Faith that can move mountains.

And, I , for one, am in awe.

My faith has been transformed and I have been blessed to see our God at work in this world through the lives of these 3 extraordinary people.

And, I don’t know that I will ever witness such beauty again.

So, I dedicate these words to my beautiful sister, K.

To my brother, S.

And to my Jul, who I will never forget.

In my time, I hope you know,

Your life has forever changed mine.

For the eyes that may read this and the hearts ready to hear Him,

Look and Listen.

For the Instruments of His band are all around. ♥️

With the utmost respect, sincerity, and love,