Give it to Him♥️


A year for the record books…am I right?

A pandemic, a worldwide shutdown, a virus that is devastating lives, and so much uncertainty.

I don’t know about all of you out there, but sometimes, the days are very heavy.

Hopelessness creeps in, anxiety, and all sorts of other debris that takes me over.

This past week was very heavy for me.

It’s an uninvited emptiness that overstays it’s welcome.

Tony Robbins talks of the 5 Basic Human Needs, with Certainty being one of those. If there is anything that I have come to accept in 2020, it is that I crave this in my life. And, as most of us have experienced, there really isn’t much of that at all this year.

Except, there is.

In God. ♥️

This past week was like a loaded gun that held all the bullets until it decided to go off all at once. Friends reaching out in sadness and despair, the virus creeping closer, feelings of helplessness, and more unrest.

It was a rough one for sure.

And still, He remained…close to me…ready to envelope my heart and calm my fears.

I had an interesting encounter that produced a strange reaction in me.

I was sitting at a stoplight the other day, maybe a touch close to the line, but not at all too far out. As I sat in my car, an older man began to walk across the crosswalk. Both hands in his pockets, glasses, all seemed ordinary.

Until he stopped, turned to scowl at me, and kicked my car!

It all happened so quickly, I was taken back and just muttered something and waved.

I didn’t know what to do.

My afterthought was to honk my horn, or roll down my window and give him a “sign”!

But, as the light turned green and I drove away, I realized I had tears streaming down my face.

That man was hurting.

And that made me sad.

He was in some sort of pain and I would not mirror his behavior by throwing more hurt into his pile.

That day, I listened to my heart and chose Love…..

When I arrived home, I just sat in my driveway and cried.

A phrase from “Titanic” came to mind.

If you’ve seen that movie, you may recall Kathy Bate’s line when she was scolded for trying to fit more people on the boats…

“I don’t understand a one of ya”.

That’s been me the past couple of weeks.

There are so many times this year, I stand in awe.

There is so much disconnect and anger in the air, not just this virus, my friends.

I realized in those moments, that I am more afraid of what the last 6 months are doing to the hearts of the world…. than Covid-19.

We have to try to rise up and live each day in Love.

As I run, very few people make eye contact.

Very few smile.

And almost no one engages.

The day of my half marathon, an older man was walking alone on the trail. Coffee in hand, along with some leaves he was collecting along the way.

He sheepishly looked up as I ran by, clearly not expecting a connection.

So, I smiled and wished him a good morning.

And, then, I heard him still talking to me so I turned around and we chatted briefly about the colors and the beautiful day.

His eyes lit up.

Human interaction and some form of normalcy!

Giving someone your time.

That’s a form of Love and it’s free to give to all.

I haven’t written in awhile as my soul has been weary. And I usually only write when I feel the “call”…

I woke this morning at 5:30am, and well, here we are.

I feel very strongly that the healing of the world will begin if each of us could just look inside.

If we could find the courage to confront our demons, take accountability for our actions, and stop trying to control the outcome.

If we could just learn to Give it to Him.

I read a book, many years ago, titled “Give it to God”. It was simple, yet life changing for me.

In one chapter, it had you visualize yourself carrying your burdens up to Him. I shared what I “saw” with my children all those years ago. Myself, dragging a big, tattered garbage bag up to the top of a mountain and handing it over to my Lord…and then falling to my knees in absolute relief.

Pretty detailed, I know.

However, that analogy has served me well….many times.

So, again, I share…..

The photo up above came across my screen the other day and it instantly calmed me.

We must try to remember this…..

“Lord, you are the only one who can”

He can move mountains, walk on water, raise the dead.

He can cure the sick, take away the anger, and carry these burdens for us, my friends.

We just have to Ask.

As I took some time yesterday to come to my mat to calm my mind, I asked.

I asked for Him to hold the suffering close, place His protective arms around us, and heal this world.

I believe He can.

We have all had a deep wound some time in our lives.

The initial injury, the blood, the pain.

Then, there’s the cleansing of the wound, the healing and the newly formed skin.

That is 2020, my friends.

We have been shaken to be awakened.

We must open our eyes to who we are inside.

We must become aware of how our lives impact others.

We must accept the changes and Grow.

There is still so much love and beauty to be shared, seen, and accepted.

If we could just give all of our fears and doubts to Him and see each day, each human, each lesson…

Through the eyes of Love ❤️.

There’s the elderly lady filling the book box with food, the teacher giving everything she has to her students, the doctors/chiropractors/nurses, law enforcement, the parents learning to teach their children, the families learning to be together, and the transformations all around.

There is light.

Where there is Love, there is Light.

And we can never, ever lose sight of that.

Even on the darkest of days, He will shine his Light upon us.

Never lose faith in that♥️.

As I say to my clients, children, and friends….


We must continue on.

Stand tall.

Be strong.

Be a Light in the Darkness.

And, live a life of Love 💗.

If you remember just one thing from this blog, let it be this….

“With God, all things are possible”.

Much love,

Linda 💜