The Mountains are calling so I must go🙏

I woke up too late to go to the gym today, so here I sit, awaiting the sunrise so I can go on a run.

The run my body and mind have been craving. Lately, my head has been full and the best thing for that is running through the thoughts.

Funny how God knows just how to care for us, just what to do to expand us further into who we are to be.

The Potter and His clay.

So, this morning, I am His for the molding.

I see it’s been awhile since I have posted. Quite some time since I have had the time to let things stir inside of me.

It’s been a long winter.

A season filled with hope, silence and the secrets of blossoming. Time spent growing quietly, underneath the blanket of snow.

I, too, have been silently transforming.

So many beautiful things have been happening for and to me.

As I walk through each day, I continue to see so much.

I see so much light, darkness, success, struggle and love.

I see those who are suffering in circumstances they may not have chosen.

And I remember being in that place too.

This is my way of giving and letting you know “I see you” today.

I’m giving you some insight that there is a way, if you can stay focused and believe.

It seems like so long ago I began seeing a therapist for my past traumas. I went with the intention of securing my current relationship and clearing out the bad behaviors from a time gone by. I was seeking a fresh start, praying for new hope.

I didn’t realize He was listening and had something greater in store than I could have ever imagined.

He was making me new again.

Once beginning the therapy, we realized there were many unresolved issues lurking. So, the therapist and I decided to dedicate the sessions to me, alone.


To dig deep and rid myself of the burdens I was carrying….for good.

She said it would take work and would be quite unpleasant.

At that time, I didn’t realize what I had agreed to.

We tore off the bandaids and revealed the wounds.

Wounds from a dark childhood, splattered with fears and disappointments.

We uncovered memories my younger mind had blocked.

In the midst of my healing journey, I was instructed to journal, as I felt comfortable.

I found it quite calming and started to write out my emotions and memories every day.

It was a way of cleansing and releasing the “shit”.

So, I did just that.

I counseled, journaled and released.

For almost a decade.

One of the hardest assignments of my entire life was the day we decided that it was time to let my family “pass”. The constant hurt, the pain of yesterday…and the present was more than my soul could bear.

In order to fully heal, my relationship with each of them had to be done.

For myself and future generations.

I realized it was was time to “break the cycle”.

I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase as often as I, but I certainly will never take it for granted again.

“Breaking the cycle” takes a courage you have to find from somewhere beyond yourself. You have to continually show up for the pain, get comfortable being alone, not fitting in, and most importantly….truly love yourself. ❤️

To reframe the future for yourself, your children, and grandchildren takes a love like no other.

After more than a decade, I have risen.

I have let go of my past and have healed from the pain. The pain that I didn’t sign up for, or ask to be a part of.

Now, I am grateful for it all.

My healing journey will soon be revealed.

To be given, in love, to those who need a lift.

To be shared with the other warriors of the world, fighting to keep their head above the muck of their circumstances.

You can rise, too.

I promise.

Remove one block each day.

Remove it and hold it in your hand.

Face it.

Acknowledge it.

And then, realizing it has no place in your future, release it.

By releasing the “shit”, it leaves room for all the good!

It allows for Joy to re-enter your life.

It creates space for love and understanding, Patience and continued growth.

My years of journals have become my first book, which I will soon share with the world.

A book of hope, healing and inspiration.

I created space the day I moved my mountains.

My mountains were my childhood, my family, and all of the resentment and pain.

The mountains were replaced with forgiveness, understanding and so much love.

Since then, I feel so much lighter.

What mountains are you carrying?

God will take them.

He’ll help you move them, just as He did for me.

I won’t lie, friends. It wasn’t easy. There were days and nights of tears, anger and so much sadness for what could never be.

There were times I wanted to go back because the road ahead was too hard. But, I walked on.

I gave my burdens to God and hiked up that mountain like it was a mound of sand.

Anything…..and, I mean Anything is Possible through Him.

Stay tuned for my release date and until then, take some time to evaluate your life and decide.

Decide if you want to continue on the path of least resistance and suffering OR is it time to take that long journey up the mountain and finally begin to LIVE??

Whatever burden you carry today, know there is Hope.

There is Power.

And there is a way to get to the Top.

Just keep looking up✔️

You have our God ready and willing to carry you when you can’t go on.

May your Monday be blessed and May your heart be at peace today.

I believe in your Power.

Now, you must too. 😉

Blessings and power to you all!

Much love,

Linda ❤️

What mountain will you move today??