Spread some MAGIC 🎁

I absolutely love this time of year.

There is so much Magic all around.

I’m certain it’s always been there, but I just recently began to see it.

It’s as if God continues to sprinkle glitter from the Heavens and I feel like it keeps falling in front of my face.

In the last few days, I actually had a clear calendar.

That, in itself, has been Magical😉.

What it has allowed me to do is to be still.

To feel.



I’m sure the glitter and sparkles are there the whole year, but everything seems to shimmer more brightly during the Holidays.

Don’t you think?

So, I woke up at 3:07 am today….not sure why. But, as I lie awake, trying to fall asleep, a question came to mind.

Why are we all so happy and willing to give so much love this time of year?

Why isn’t everyone smiling, meeting for coffee, helping a stranger, donating food to a local pantry, hosting parties, or calling a loved one “just because ” throughout the year?

How different the world would be, as well as individual lives, if we went the extra mile each and every day.

Can you imagine the lives we could impact?

Here’s where my thoughts turned…

My Grandma, aka, Groom.

The most influential human in my life, to date. She was my world until she passed when I was 11. The Magic of her life was how well she lived it.

She had a massive stroke when I was 4 and lost her ability to speak. She could make noises, but could no longer communicate through words.

What I learned from spending my childhood with her is how to “do”.

She couldn’t tell my family or I how she felt, or how much she loved us, but we knew.


By her acts of love and kindness.

Whenever I needed a hug, she was there.

She spent time with me, but I mean actual time. She was present. Her attention was completely on me.

She baked and made us delicious meals.

And she always, no matter what her health entailed, showed up.

Through her example, she changed many lives, and continues to impact mine❤.

Then, there’s my husband’s Grandpa Charlie.

I only met him a few times. However, I feel like I’ve known him most of my life.

A simple man, he owned his own business as a plumber. He worked long hours to provide for his wife and children and still managed to “show up” and “do” for others.

When we visited Omaha, some years ago, a gal came over to thank him. He repaired some plumbing for her Grandma, even though she couldn’t pay. That’s one of many acts of kindness Charlie handed out.

I have noticed in the reminiscing of his life, through my husband and mother in law, he was also present.

Family vacations, in a time where that was rare. PTA meetings, and he also devoted his time to being a Shriner.

He used to take my husband to work for the day during the summer and teach him his trade.

Those are some of Brian’s most treasured memories. He learned work ethic, the worth of a handshake, and to always do the right thing.

Most of all, he remembers that he gave him his time and shared his talents. Two beautiful gifts money could never buy.

Another life….well lived. Many ripples came from Charlie’s good deeds.

Groom has been gone from this place for almost 33 years. My children, friends, and husband never met her.

Yet, they know her as well as if she came over for dinner every Sunday. I have so many stories, memories and beauty that I have carried with me all these years.

She made a difference in my life.

Grandpa Charlie left us only a few years ago, but his presence in our world has not changed. We speak about him, smile and laugh at memories made.

If only we could live a life so well.

This Christmas Eve morning, and onward, let’s live a life that leaves Magic behind.

Be present.

Be real.

Love hard.

Freely spread kindness.

Love unconditionally.

Oh, and one last thing……

After you read this today, step outside.

Look up to the Heavens, take a deep breath in.

Smile and remember.

Then, do one thing today to celebrate a loved one who has passed away.

Honor them.

Bake a favorite pie, play their favorite Christmas song, or just be as good as they were when they were here.

Spread some Magic, friends.

It is everywhere 💥

Merry Christmas 🎁

Much love,

Linda 🎄

May the flowers remind us why the rain was so necessary 🦋

It’s 6am, on a snowy Wednesday morning…and I am awake, reflecting on this year.

My breath is calm, I’m enjoying a cup of coffee, preparing to head to yoga soon.

All is well.

But as I look back on 2018, most of it was exhausting…..and I now know why.

This past year did not start how I had planned. My planner stated, in blue ink, that January 1st was “Go Time”.

And instead, I became “paralyzed “.

You see, a lot of Life happened this past year. All while I was “planning” on living the way I had pictured.

1. My Dad, who I had a nonexistent relationship with for over a decade, passed away.

It hit me hard.

To the core.

I couldn’t run fast enough from the memories and the pain of what would never be.

2. My body decided to play tricks on me. Being a 40+ year old woman, you can only imagine.

3. My last child grew up, graduated high school, and left home. I was left empty handed, without an ” identity ” of the mother I had been for 24 years.

4. I had a career change.

Humbling, new, and scary.

5……And, most importantly, I lost the life I had so diligently scripted. And, in the “loss”, found who I am meant to be.

I didn’t realize until a few months ago, that the hardships I faced early this year were actually shaping me into the woman I had been praying for.

A healer, a coach, a better wife, friend and mother.

A strong, unshakable human with a laser focused purpose.

I kept getting up and praying each morning.

I’d ask God to “direct my path”, “show me your ways”, and “please help me”.

I couldn’t figure out why he wouldn’t answer my prayers.

All the while, he was handing the answers to me.

I was so frustrated as I watched countless people find their joy. Their blessings were being handed out like candy at a parade.

And all I could think of is “when is it my turn?”

All the while, God was blessing me too.

Just in a different way than I had imagined.

You see, life is all about perspective.

I get that now.

He was putting me through the trials I needed to endure to prepare me for my specific, beautiful journey.

Not hers… or his…. or theirs……


And I can finally appreciate that.

And now……

I am done sulking about what could have been or how it should have gone down in my mind.

I am an instrument in this worldly band. I need to play loud, be bright and learn to appreciate my own sound.

And, I am. 🦋

I was recently talking to my husband about this past year. We were driving home from a trip and I broke down crying.

I said,” I suffered so much loss this past year”.

I lost my Dad, my daughter, my old job, etc, etc, blah,blah, blahhhhhh😩

He put it into a different perspective.

Look at what you actually “found”.

And, you know what?

He was right.

1. I found my Anxiety Discussion group through the loss of my Dad. In dealing with my own severe bout of debilitating anxiety, I felt a compassion for my Father and the pain he lived with every day. My brother, who I lost to suicide, must have felt it too. I decided I didn’t want anyone else in the world to feel alone in their journey through anxiety. And so “Renovation Station” was born. I “found” beauty in the pain.

2. Through the struggles of my body, I learned about gratitude. We often forget how good we feel when we are healthy. I know I certainly take it for granted. You don’t realize how blessed you are until you can’t do the things you once could. Can’t “be” who you once were because of limitations. I “found” a blessing in the struggle. I no longer complain about “doing” things, working out, being busy, etc….I am blessed beyond measure because I AM ABLE to do these things, while others are not as fortunate. In the midst of the lesson, I decided to start running.


Because I CAN 🦋

3. And then I became an empty nester…. and then my son broke his leg.

Odd statement….but, it was the best thing that could have happened to me.

Selfish, maybe, but it also changed him in many ways as well.

I was NEEDED again and He was forced to be still.

I was able to take care of him, get to know him all over again, and be a MOM again.

I believe he learned gratitude, strength, patience and compassion in the midst of his struggle.

The blessing in the setback is that I “found” that I will never lose my identity as a Mother…the job description just changes.

4. My husband and I transitioned to a new company this summer. That was a bigger change than I could have imagined. After being what I considered an “expert” in my field, for many years, I realized I didn’t know everything 😉

I was humbled. What I “found” in the change was my love for lifelong learning. And so I began….asking questions, jumping in with both feet, and embracing new ideas and information.

I KNOW the coming year will be one of my most successful, as my mind is open and the possibilities are endless.

Through the last few months, I continue to have “ah ha”‘moments.

Literally stopping in my tracks and thanking God.

Like, “oh, ok… I get it now.” “That’s why it didn’t work out”. And, “that’s why you changed directions on me”, so on and so forth.

I get it now.

And I plan to Run with it…..

God had a different chapter written for me in 2018. I spent most of it angry, feeling ripped off and bitter.

I remember the day I took back my Power.

And I won’t give it away… ever again.

My faith and trust in God is my Power.

After 44 years, I now TRULY believe that HE has a much more vibrant, extraordinary purpose for me than my human mind could ever imagine.

So, for 2019, I’m going with that❤

Follow by Faith, not by sight.

And as you begin your New Year, may you be reminded WHY the Rain was so necessary.

It is only to Help You GROW🦋

Blessings and much love,

Linda ❤