Self doubt and me

So, yesterday, I had coffee with one of my coaches. We are prepping and planning for training that will begin in July.   I decided, before the meeting, that it was important for me to let him “understand ” me and how I work. I Am a very complicated person, and that is ok….I am also very dynamic too! I shared some things that I have been struggling with and hoping to “break through”…barriers, if you will.

 Like the day I was one of the first people done with 150 wall balls, but for some reason, I didn’t believe I counted correctly, I mean I couldn’t be done….others that appear fitter than me were still working. Hmmm. It led me to some thoughts…..and 26 more. 

Why? Why the hell did I not think I was good enough or strong enough to be done?  Well, the beliefs from the past started in and they won. 

I went from feeling pride with how hard I worked to disappointment and frustration with myself. 

I’d like to think I am a confident, empowered, strong woman. But, for whatever reason, that morning, I was not. 

Lesson learned. I won’t let the past define me. Nor will it limit me any longer. 

You see, self doubt can really mess things up for us. 

We need to let go and believe. Move past our limiting beliefs and know that we are capable of so much more. 

My coach challenged me to “celebrate” the next time I succeed, not question it. 

And I promise you………I will!!!!

Today, we END the self doubt for good.  
Much love, 


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