After all these years…..

32 years ago today. 

I remember going for a bike ride around our block and coming back home. She wasn’t there anymore, and I could feel her absence. 

April 21,1985. The day my Grandma passed on. She was my lifeline in a world of chaos, my oxygen when my parent’s anger and alcoholism suffocated me, and most of all, my very best friend. 

Have you ever had a person come into your life and just GIVE? They give you encouragement,strength, happiness and a belief that there is so much good in the world??

“Groom”, as we called her, was that person for me. She was this amazing soul that gave to everyone around her, without expecting anything in return. For those that know me, they know the unique love my Grandma gave to me. You see, she had a stroke that took away her ability to speak when I was 3 years old, so I have no memory of her voice. But, the way she loved me was shown in extraordinary ways. 

Her eyes. Those glistening, blue eyes. They showed compassion, kindness, drive, and joy. They are burned into my memory, even after 32 years of not being able to look into them. 

She taught me resilience, how to overcome, and that love never dies. 

I always “felt” her presence in my life, even as a young girl. Late last year, I wanted to find out if it was her, so I visited a lady for an “energy reading”.  My Grandma came through. I was very skeptical, at first, but the things this lady talked of, no one else in the entire world(other than Groom) would have known. Intimate details of prayers and struggles, that I had “chatted ” with my beautiful Grandma about through the years. 

 After all these years………

She had never left my side. 

There is unimaginable beauty and peace in that. She has guided me and loved me, from wherever she is at. 

I honor her today, as I do every year. A very powerful force in my life left this world long ago, on this day. 

However, she has never, ever, ever left my heart. The impact she had on my life is evident. I giggle to myself sometimes, as I am just as stubborn as she, almost as driven, and I hope to be as unforgettable when my time here comes to an end. 

For today, we rise. Today we give thanks. Today we believe, without a doubt, that love never dies. It remains and moves along with us…..

After all these years. 
Love you forever, Groom. 

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