Within these walls

There’s a children’s book that goes something like this….in a tiny town, there is a tiny house, in that tiny house lives a tiny family…. and so on and so forth. Anyone remember that?

Well, in all my years showing and selling homes, I’ve come to the conclusion that you really, truly have no idea what is going on inside the four walls in others homes or what others are dealing with in their day to day lives. Everyone’s home has a different feel, everyone’s world is turning at a different speed. And sometimes, what appears to be reality….is not. 

Lately, so many struggles have come to the surface for so many people. So much pain, so many secrets unfolding. As I sit there and read it, see it, or hear it, there is a phrase screaming in my head. 

“Be kind, for you never know the battle someone is fighting”.

And you know what? You don’t. 

From cancer to divorce, addictions, and “real life” struggles. 

It’s so eye opening. 

In a world where Facebook and social media paints the perfect picture,on a daily basis, it’s a gentle reminder that we are all human. We are all torn and tattered. We all have scars. And in my opinion, that is what makes us beautiful. 

It also brings me back to the center. The center of it all. 

Each day is not a “given”.  We may not wake up tomorrow. If today seemed calm, in an instant, tomorrow may turn into chaos. We have very little control of so many things, that is why we have to fight so hard to control our own minds. To practice empowering our heads so we are ready to handle anything….with grace. 

And to also appreciate the calm, so we can weather the storms. 

When I see or hear of others struggles, my first instict(because of who I am), is to panic for them. I am an empath so their pain becomes mine, in a sense. I have learned to detach from that, however, and just pray. 

God’s got it. 

That’s what gets me through. It gives me the strength to show up for them, be their rock, or just listen. 

So, please be kind. 

On a lighter note, there are so many triumphs that I have witnessed. Beating the addiction, weddings, births, and growth. 

Life is truly a journey. It’s path is scattered with flowers and rainbows, and other times, devastating tornadoes that stop your life in its tracks. 

The success comes in how we handle this life. What we learn and how we endure. 

That’s the real test. 

I’d say, we’re all doing a damn good job with what we have been given. 

And I plan to use the lessons I have learned to do an even better job showing up for this life, in every sense. 

To be a better friend, mom, wife, and renovator. 

Start building from within, friends. We already have the tools💜

Have a fabulous weekend and as you go through today, maybe go out for dinner tonight…don’t judge…be kind and SEE…. for what you think is reality(within these walls), may not be.  
Much love,

Linda 💜

2 thoughts on “Within these walls

  1. A few years ago, I had a year that I compared to standing at the edge of the ocean. A wave would knock me down, I would stand back up and wham, here comes another wave! Many waves hit me during that time in my life. I faced each one and stood up. As they subsided, I was able to look back at that “ocean” and see the beauty and realize how resilient I am and be humbled and grateful!

    Once again , thank you for your thoughts Linda. You are appreciated!

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