It’s the simple things 

This morning should be like any other.

 But it’s not. 

You know how you can wake up on a cold, cloudy day and have that junky attitude? Nothing seems to go right and everyone seems to be grumpy. Then, the sun peeks out through the clouds mid day and your whole perspective shifts? 

That’s today. The sun is out and the perspective has shifted☀️.

Yesterday, after 3 weeks of slumbering at my in laws(because we were having wood floors put in), I slept in my own bed last night. 

What a wonderful feeling!

I missed my home. My sanctuary. My safe place. 

My attitude started to shift the other day when we were gathering our things to head home. I felt excitement and gratitude. How lucky am I to have a place to call home, to be happy and content? Very. 

And now, after having to give that up for a period of time, I am even more grateful. 

It’s the simple things. Like using my blender for my shake this morning, going to the kitchen for my morning coffee and getting ready in my bathroom. I love my home. 

You see, for me, this is the first “house” that has ever felt like home. Growing up, my house was dangerous and scary. The places I lived as a young woman, never seemed to feel right. But now, life has aligned me with the right person(my husband), the perfect location and just the right feel. 

You know, I always tell my clients that they’ll know the moment they have found their house. “You’ll walk in the front door and just be HOME.”  

And today, I am. 

I realize that we each move through our days and slide into our routines. The sun rises and sets. The door opens and closes. In and out. Up and down. 

But more importantly, what I realized from my extended absence from home, is how much we take for granted. 

Today will not be like the others.  And I will practice for tomorrow to be full of gratitude and goodness as well. 

I’m a 90s chick 🐥 and there’s a song by Cinderella(a heavy metal band) that comes to mind. 

“Don’t know what you’ve got, til it’s gone”. 

I can see the huge hair and hear them serenading me this morning. Haha. 

This morning is not like any other. 

Because today, I am HOME 🏡 
Appreciate what you have, friends. From the simple little routines, to the air that you breathe. 

Be blessed☀️

And a huge thank you to my generous Mama D and Papa T for their hospitality. Love them more than words can say. 

When you are happy for no reason, you become free. 

I’m tasting the freedom today🦋
Much love,

Linda 💜

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