Sit back and enjoy the ride

Over the past 8 days, my husband and I have been in 7 states!  We don’t call our trips “vacations”, but we consider them to be adventures. 

We always end up exploring, getting into places that others wouldn’t try to, meeting amazing people and literally having an Extraordinary Adventure. 

This past week has not disappointed us!

We started in Illinois, then Indiana. Then headed to Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, West Virginia and now Louisville, Kentucky until we end our journey back home. The reason for the trip was to pack up my son in West Virginia and move him home (I am beyond excited to have him near me!!!). So our thought process, as with most things in life, was to ride our motorcycle, explore our beautiful earth and “Enjoy the Ride”.

Not only have we been “thrill seekers”….riding the famous Dragon’s Tail, the Blue Ridge Parkway and leaning and gliding on our cycle (more times than I can recall), I have been awakened. 

One of the days, we stopped to walk along a skinny footbridge so we could inhale the beauty of these huge rocks and water rapidly flowing. It was serene and untouched. Amazing. 

Another day, I experienced these intense curves and turns and was able to feel the energy of hundreds of others riding so freely.  The Dragon. 

But, the icing on the cake for me came out of nowhere. 

I’ve always heard people talk about the magic of the mountains and how they were moved by them. I think that’s awesome and all, but I didn’t get it. However, I had never actually driven through them, been that close… God. 

As we rode along the Blue Ridge Parkway, I looked ahead and anticipated more curves, looked down to realize how high above the trees we were and got a little tense 😬. My mind started racing and I stopped seeing and taking in the beauty. I just wanted to know when the ride would be done. 

And then, what felt like out of nowhere, we came upon another overlook. 

Before we stopped, I was ready to jump off. I kind of felt like a kid, full of excitement. I couldn’t wait to walk the trial to see what everyone was taking pictures of. This place was different. Something was stirring inside of me. 

It was AWESOME. Breathtaking. Amazing. Beautiful. Humble. Majestic. God given. Hand molded. 

At that moment, I truly felt His presence all around me, in an enveloping way that I can’t put into words. 

He was there. In front of me. To the side of me. Above me, towering over me, and holding me. 

My fears were lifted. My heart felt like it would explode and this immense calm blew through the trees. I swear you could feel it, like a warm shower. 

I didn’t know what I was experiencing, but I just knew I had to stop and stare. 

This was a moment He made for my husband and I. 

I needed to honor it, for more than a moment. I had nowhere to be. No errands, no clients to meet, no laundry to put away. 

It was time to just BE and feel His glory. 

I get it now. 

The magic of the mountains. The enormity of what we have been given. 

I felt so small and yet so incredibly special, a piece of the puzzle that He created. 

That moment will last a lifetime. I will carry the peace and the sense of gratitude in my heart always. 

And all I could mutter to my husband was “Thank you, Lord. Thank you “, as I wiped the tears away from my cheek. 

His lesson that day? In the midst of my greatest fears(heights and the unknown). 

“Don’t anticipate the curves, Don’t look down. Just sit back and ENJOY the RIDE!”

He created mountains, painted masterpieces for our eyes to see…..I’m pretty sure He can take care of ME❤

“There’s a lesson around every corner”

Much love, 


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