When the Fog rolls in

And…. so we begin.

I have come across so many people in my 43 years that are so “forward focused” they have forgotten to enjoy today.

Why is it, that, we, as humans can do these things?

We Commit to concentrating on a goal ten years out, we sacrifice our health and happiness for a material object…and some have even sacrificed time with their growing children and spouses to get there.

But, why?

We are so hell bent on BECOMING that we can’t see we are already there.

I had one of those life changing moments a couple years ago, and again…this past winter.

I was so focused on the end of my goal that I wasn’t present in the midst of the journey. I realized this, as I was feeling numb. I had disconnected from friends, was conversing with vague comments, and was feeling tired and empty.

I awoke one cold, winter morning and was blinded by the moon. I realized there were millions of tiny stars, glimmering in the sky , but the moon had to “shock” me for me to be reminded of its presence.

The Stars symbolized my “to do” lists, but what about the moon(everything I already had)?

It took me back a few steps. And it was good.

After my last crossfit competition, I was also stopped in my tracks.

I competed that weekend and tried to go back to my normal routine and strict workout calendar. My arm, which developed tendinitis, would not allow me to do so.

I was taken back.

I couldn’t do the workouts, due to the pain and risk of injury. I was forced to analyze myself once again.

Ever have those moments when you feel like God has stepped in?

I do.

This was one of them.

I worked so hard to get where I was, I was so focused on a goal. And now you stop me?

Instead of doing what some may consider, I kept moving. Yoga(4-5 times a week), to keep me strong and centered. And….my arch enemy…we may as well get to know one another…running.

Yes, I started running……..Regularly. 😳

I also kept going back to the gym and “trying” things out. Even when things didn’t go my way, or the dumb bell was too heavy, I kept showing up…..or went on a run…or to yoga.

I’m happy to report, I am (almost) pain free. And what I learned this past month has strengthened me as a human, in more than one way.

I was forced to…and then decided to…”let the fog roll in”🌫.

In going through this process, I read a devotion on living in the present moment. It was about trust and how sometimes, to ensure your trust in Him, the fog rolls in. He will only allow you to see right in front of you, so you stop focusing on what’s ahead and enjoy the journey.

That’s what He did for me. ❤

My husband and I have talked many times about what we are willing to sacrifice and/or put off. In today’s world, it’s easy to try to keep up with those around us.

Work,work,work. Volunteer. Level up.

We vary on what we agree and disagree on.

My belief has always been that a career is great, volunteering is fulfilling and amazing, and your accomplishments and acquaintances are worth remembering.

But, what really matters at the end of each day?

In my heart, it’s the love I leave behind. It’s the time I spent with the people who will have trouble getting out of bed when my body is no longer here.

It’s the time.

The now.

These moments.

You know, the ones that seem so small.

I find it enlightening that my children seem to remember the “ordinary ” days most fondly. The talks in the car, the nights we sat up studying and eating olives, and the 5 minute dance parties.

They make them smile. And will continue to be remembered when I am gone.

I can be replaced at my office, as a volunteer, as another body at a party…..but no one will ever take my place at the dinner table, the dance recital or the wedding.

This. This is how I carry out my days. 💜

And…. it’s not always easy.

2017 is not an easy time for us to “be”.

But, in order to live our best life NOW, we must take control of what makes our heart happy.

The best advice I can lay out?

Start saying NO…or….Start saying YES.

You decide.

Will this matter in my life in 10 minutes, 10 days, or 10 years?

Prioritize, based on how you want to LIVE….Not on how others think your life should be lived.

And sometimes…have that dance party.

It’s ok to “take a moment ” to be carefree.

Be aware, friends.

If you’re driving through life too fast, you may be forced to slow down….as the fog rolls in.

Today is a gift. BE PRESENT ğŸŽ.

Much love,

Linda 🦋

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