The arrow

Ah, yes.

The arrow.

A symbol of strength, choice and direction.

Which way to go?

As I took a lovely walk with my pup this afternoon, I came upon some arrows that had been painted on the sidewalk, along “our” trail… where it all began.

I used to walk this trail with my dog 5 years ago, watching the runners go by… wishing that I could be a runner someday.

I would “try ” running, but it hurt and was hard…so I went back to walking.

I never pushed past the discomfort to see what was on the other side.

Until last fall.

As I glanced at my watch to see it turn up 10 miles this past Friday, my eyes began to leak.

Never did I ever…

I couldn’t hardly wrap my head around a 5 mile run.

And now, I ran 10.

All these small practice runs had allowed me to go BIG!

I’ve been training for a half marathon for about 6 months now.

Not so long ago, a friend and I had this “idea” that we should run a half. She may have known what we were committing to, but I most certainly did not.

An idea has always sounded exciting and great to me until it gets hard.

Then, I usually give up.

I push the “back” arrow and cowardly sneak away, as if I never even began.

I don’t want to fail, so I don’t continue to try.

13.1 miles? How in the hell will I ever do that when I can barely run 5??!!?

I made a promise to myself last year, on one of my runs, actually.

I decided to stop giving up on ME❤️

I found my WHY.

Through my years, I tend to start something and put so much time in it. If I’m not the best or can’t get to it with ease, I walk away.

We have all done it.

We tell our friends about a goal, post it on social media, and then when things get messy, or inconvenient, difficult, overwhelming… I can keep going…. well, when they get hard, we put push the arrow button and give ourselves a way out.


But, why???

Why would we short change ourselves like this?

By stopping when it gets messy, we miss out on the lessons inside of the journey.

The beautiful ones.

The life changing ones.

The ones that make you better. 🤸‍♂️

I’ll tell you this….

I have learned more about my inner self by running alone, than I have most of my life.

I have awarded myself the time to get to know the real ME.

And self love?

Through these hours of “mental” runs, I have fallen back in love with the soul inside.

I am stronger than I thought.

Greater than I remembered.

And more powerful than I had imagined.

I’d have to calculate how many miles my shoes have put on these past months, but I can tell you that I have ran through YEARS in my mind.

I have learned to take bite size chews.

I have remembered to be “slow and steady”.

And when I hit mile 5 and go “numb”? I finally have felt that feeling of being weightless and free.

I have run imperfectly, I have run messy.

I have run with tears running down my cheeks and with my Dad’s spirit beside me.

And as I look at the arrow ahead, what do I see?

I envision all the demons that held me back falling away BEHIND me.

Now, as I move on toward my next goal, I know I will fail along the way. I will get dirty and tired, sore and messy, but I will be a better, stronger, imperfect ME. ❤️

Keep moving forward.

Even if it’s a little every day, a few extra steps, a few more hours, another piece of forgiveness.

It’s just like the 13.1 miles I will Run next week.

I couldn’t see it in the beginning, but the 2 and 3 miles in the snow, the tears, the shin splints and the time spent trying….those little strides ADD up to something amazing.

And I think that’s SPECTACULAR and makes it worth the climb.

Many forget what it takes to create SUCCESS, they just admire and envy the finished product, or award … it takes more work on the inside than the outer world will ever see 💥

Success happens when you continue push forward although everything in your world is pushing you back.

Here’s wishing all the GOAL DIGGERS out there a little extra energy, spark and drive!

Now which DIRECTION will you decide to go?



Much love,


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