Living Through the Storm

I woke up with a thought in my heart today.

A pattern of thoughts scattered in my mind, with the urge to empower…if only just one. 💜

Ahh, I love rainy Sundays.

They are the perfect time for reflection, self care and stillness.

This Sunday is no different.

A gentle rain, the birds chirping their gratitude, and a hot cup of coffee by my side.

Here I go….

Last week, I saw a Facebook post reminding me of all the historic events others have LIVED THROUGH.

My level of respect went through the roof.

Humans that lived in concentration camps found the strength to conquer their circumstances and survive.

They went on to have families, make memories, and LIVE.

Many in the camps didn’t just sit and wait for their futures to be determined. They found ways to Live in the midst of their hell.

I don’t know that I would have the mental strength to endure what they did.

They are Heroes.

Then, we look at the Great Depression and all of the moving parts of that time.

Hunger, unemployment, rationing, fear of the unknown.

And, when the end of the Depression came, World War 2 began.

Can you imagine the hopelessness??

Perspective may have saved many lives.

How did they move THROUGH those trying times?

My best guess is that they didn’t just exist through them, but they continued to LIVE.

The Bubonic Plague, the Great Depression, World War 2….Real History.

After recalling conversations at different times in my life with my Grandparents, Aunts, uncles and parents, it came to me.

In order to thrive in this new environment we are in, we must find LIFE in each moment, in each day.

We must LIVE fully and not just be.

We are LIVING THROUGH a time that will be talked about by our great grandchildren, it will be written about and documented.

So many things we know and love have faded from our daily lives.

So much has changed.

We may not all be on the same page with our thoughts, but I know we have all had something consistent taken from us. Something that “made” us who we are.

However, the The Human Spirit remains the same.



Made stronger by the storm.

I don’t have the words to express the strength, beauty and hope that my eyes have seen and my ears have heard the last few months.

Wish I did, so I could write it here today and look back years from now with a vivid picture of how the world “showed up”.

From the doctors and nurses risking their own lives to save others, the police officers and firefighters standing strong so we feel secure, to the retired lady bagging groceries at the local supermarket.

Watching my children’s compassion and resilience.

Seeing each morning in a new light.

The generosity of others.

The human need of contributing.

To the simplest things we have found to create a moment of normalcy each day.

I see God working everywhere.

In every way. ♥️

His LIGHT has remained unchanged.

So, on my run the other day, I took my face towards the sun and sky.

I ran with a smile and asked myself some questions.

“Am I LIVING and moving forward even though it seems LIFE has paused?”

“Am I being a leader and an example to those that I love?”

“Would I be at PEACE if today was the last day here?”

For me, the answers are “YES”.

How we live in the midst of adversity can tell a lot about who we are at our core.

Ask yourself ….

Are you merely existing?

Are you hiding in a cocoon afraid and weak?

Are you calming and leading others to hope?

Are you truly LIVING THROUGH this pandemic?

Go ahead. Ask yourself.

Because I did.

Even through the uncertainty and unknowns, our clocks are still ticking.

Days are turning into months and the months will soon be a year.

I’m holding tight to my life plan.



To LEARN and GROW each day, as this is my classroom.

We aren’t being put through this test to sit and wait it out, friends. We are here to LIVE THROUGH it all.

I view this as a very difficult course in college.

We won’t necessarily breeze through this one without a few bumps and scars.

It’s time to observe, test ourselves, and see what we can take from this lesson.

Just like the HEROES who survived the Holocaust, the Wars, the Great Depression……

It’s time to look inside and see what we are made of ♥️

We are made of LIGHT, LOVE and HOPE.

All within each of us.

Free to give, easy to offer…..and safe to share😉

Stay strong. Well. And Be Blessed, my friends.

May you be a Star Student and Ace this


Much love,

Linda ♥️

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