And, so, that’s where I have been….

1. Before I begin this, I want to Give all of the Glory to God, Our Lord and Savior.

The Almighty.

From whom all blessings flow♥️

2. Ladies, I want you to find a support system, an amazing Dr. that will actually LISTEN… and I want you to listen to the whispers.

Our bodies are always talking to us.

Did you know that?

From the tinge of pain, the occasional headache, the sleepless night, to the anxiety.

Always communicating.

It seems that the busier we get these days, many of us are not listening and that can cause problems in so many ways.

I sometimes picture myself, sitting in a circle of chairs with a group of women, ADMITTING…

“My name is Linda and I am Perimenopausal.


Who’s with me?!

I am 47 years old. A successful business woman, mother of 4, wife of a rockstar, and sometimes…

I think my body is attacking me.

I had a conversation with my youngest son some time ago. We were discussing health and supplements. Somewhere in the discussion, I said, “You know it’s not normal to be in pain…right?” Yet, so many people move through life in a cloud of Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Supplements include caffeine, Red Bull, or whatever gets them through the day.

Ladies and Gentlemen….this is not ok.

My menopausal journey has been pretty quiet. A few irrational days, a few extra products, a bit more emotional (although my husband may choose different words), and not much to “hear”.

I consider myself a proactive person in regards to my health. I attribute my all encompassing protection of my body to my childhood; as back then, my own health and fitness was the only thing I could control.

It’s gonna get a little graphic here, so if you can’t handle it, turn back now….

I had been telling my husband for a couple of months that I felt “off”. My emotions were out of whack, my body was extra tired.

Just off.

I have been training for a half marathon I planned to run in September and therefore, running 13-15 miles a week, along with 2-3 heavy duty weight lifting days on top. My job has been out of control for many months. Long hours, hectic schedule and all that good stuff.

Somewhere along the line, I stopped listening to her…she, my greatest treasure…the one who houses my soul.

The 2-3 cups of coffee weren’t kicking in, I wasn’t recovering from the workouts and the runs?….why wasn’t I improving? It was like I was always running uphill!!

A couple months ago, I started having “issues” after my weightlifting workouts. Breakthrough bleeding is what it is referred to. It is common for someone competing or really pushing their body to the limit, but I can assure you…I was not.

It happened a few more times. But, I had to keep training and so I pushed on.

Why, oh why do we do that ???

A couple weeks ago, it happened again and her whisper was loud.

Not only did I have that, but I felt as though I had gained 10 pounds overnight, had a headache I couldn’t shake and had the potential need for a bigger bra.

What on earth was happening?

Normally, I would push on and push it off onto menopause.

Google Perimenopause and you’ll find all those symptoms.

But, I chose to sit for a moment that Tuesday and just listen.

I called my husband to let him know what was wrong and we decided it was time to call my Dr.

I gave the nurse the rundown and was gently prompted to set up an ultrasound and a thyroid test

Wait, What?!!!!

I just have some breakthrough bleeding…I don’t have time for this.

And worse, could something be wrong????

My panic set in as I wondered what I missed. What did I do wrong to my poor girl?

Did I not love and care for her the way she needed me to?

Long story short, the ultrasound showed something that got the Drs attention and he ordered a biopsy of my uterus.

My thyroid also came back messed up.

Ladies, do you know how many hours I have spent on google the last few weeks and what that will do to you?!


But, I’ll tell ya what.

I also read an amazing book that I had recently pulled out of hiding. A book that my beautiful daughter shared with me years ago. But, when she gave it to me, I was feeling level and good, so why even read it right?

It’s called Woman Code.

And it was a gift from above.

Before my appointment, I read the whole damn thing.

It was incredibly eye opening.

I realize I am also experiencing adrenal fatigue…and if you hold a job, live a life, or are breathing and in your 40s, well, you may be too.

My point is we have to listen.

We have to love and respect the house of our soul.

Did you realize that what you are doing TODAY, for example, what you are putting in your body, how often you move it, and how you handle stress determines your future health?

So why are so many of ignoring the whispers?

She is talking to you all the time!

I am so grateful for my intimate relationship with my body. For my intuitive nature and for being proactive.

It’s been a long few weeks, my friends.

From the full day crying in my bed, the brain fog, and the dark what if’s.

I’m 47 and for the first time in my life, I was truly afraid.

I’m sharing this all here as I want to bring awareness to women all over.

Ladies, we have to slow down. We have to give our bodies what they need.

We have to remember that we know ourselves better than anyone.

And we have to listen to her whispers.

To double back, my biopsy was healthy and Clear. No precancer or cancer. Just some Perimenopausal ovaries short circuiting and confusing my body.

Praise you, Lord Jesus.

It was as if a heavy black curtain was lifted off of me.

And, so, that is where I have been.

In my head, under the covers in my bed, drifting through the present, and the what if’s.

I also was deep in prayer.

Sitting alone with God.

Walking with Him…literally.

Trying to find the lesson the Master was showing me. In His wisdom, so much gratitude and appreciation was brought to light.

An awakening.

For my husband, my health, my children, my beautiful friends and support system, my dog, my in laws and my mom.

For the friends who prayed with me, had lunch with me, and were open enough to share their stories with me.

And my Doctor.

He is one of a kind.

Listens, acts quickly and with compassion.

God is Good🙏

He may take us through some troubled waters, but never without His hand.

I also spent hours researching, reading, reaching out to other women, and thanking God for bringing me to fitness and running.

Who knows…maybe my workouts saved my life.

When my normal workout recovery was suddenly different, I heard her call.

I acted fast and my Dr did too.

Ladies, if you are over 40, get the check ups!!!!!

Take the time.

Do the research on adrenal fatigue and how it raises cortisol levels and suppresses progesterone.

Do the research on estrogen dominance.

Do the research on why your thyroid is off.

Why the irregularities?

The headache?

The fatigue?

It can just be Perimenopause, but man, oh man….what else could it be?

Through this, I remembered to allow myself Grace.

I give it to so many others. Why not me?

My plan is to go forward with gratitude, healing foods, lighter fitness goals, and float through my menopause journey with God as my pilot.

For He will direct my path 💜

God is Good, Ladies.

All the Time🙏

Check in with “her” today and again tomorrow.

Ask her what she needs, how she feels, what she’s missing.

And love her. Love her like she means everything to you. Because she is everything 💜

Here’s to Good Health and Mighty Faith, sisters.

In Jesus name, Amen 🙏

As one of my soul brothers says,

Mucho Love,

Linda 💜

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