Through the eyes of LOVE ❤️ 

Today’s post is about PERCEPTION. I love it. I love the word, I love the concept. 

Someone once told me,”People perceive the world as they are”. Think about that. If someone is deceitful, they are always feeling deceived, if someone is kind, they act in kindness, and if someone is ……..fill it in, friends. We all have an example. 

This weekend was full of perceptions for me. In life, we all like to assume and make up our own story to fit what we are perceiving. “She’s ignoring me because”, “That person wronged me because”, etc. But, do we really know what is going on???

 These are just some examples. 

I am guilty of these things. My daughter once told me that “everyone doesn’t think or act like me”, “their intentions and heart aren’t where yours is”. What a concept. 

I like to do the right thing. I’ll admit, I am naive, but isn’t everyone??? 

Um, no😐

What I have been fighting to do is to see situations and people through the eyes of LOVE ❤️. Corny or not, it works. 

I drive my husband crazy asking, “Why would they do that?” “Why would someone say that?” 

 I guess we may never know. 

What I do know and what I have control over is me. 

My thoughts. How I handle the situation and how I move forward. Always in LOVE ❤️.

I’ve started feeling bad for some whose anger is a catalyst for their decisions. I’ve started praying for those who are too weak to stand up to life. I have started again to LOVE ❤️. 

You can too!  But, It takes practice. That…..I have learned😉.

Think about this…..The next time someone acts against you or a loved one. The next time someone “attacks”or accuses you. The next time someone questions your motive. What should you do?

1.) Step back. 

Think about who they are and how they perceive the world. And most importantly, remember who you are.  

Take a moment to respond, but always respond in LOVE ❤️ 

Don’t get hung up in the day to day drama. The world is gonna keep on turning and you don’t have to be the one to spin it. 

Do your thing…..there is so much freedom in that!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” 

Much love,


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