Now, I listen for the sirens 

As a young girl, growing up, I was afraid of ALOT of things. From what I have learned, I believe it was because of the lack of security I had at home. Looking back, they were kind of “odd” fears, but they were very real in my world. 

Yes, I was one who believed there was a monster in my closet, ready to jump out any time I wasn’t looking…so, I stared at my closet door every night until I fell asleep. “He” knew I was onto him…haha…and didn’t dare show his face when I was watching. Never actually saw the monster….imagine that😉.

I was (and still am) afraid of spiders. That fear has almost gotten worse as an adult.  I will never forget reading that we SWALLOW x amount of spiders 🕷 a year… while we sleep. Yuk! Gross! So, yeah…not a fan of creepy crawlies. 

And, last but not least, we can’t forget thunderstorms! 

The black skies, the unexpected booms of thunder, the wind, and lightning….that can strike ANYWHERE and ANYTIME ⚡️….not cool.

 So, as a little girl, I prepared for the worst case scenario. I mean, that’s what all 8 year olds do, right?

 Well, when you are a child of an alcoholic home you do. 

When there was a threat of a storm, I got ready. I packed my backpack with all of my special things,some snacks, and even put my pup on her leash so if a tornado touched down, she wouldn’t blow away!

 True story. 

You see, when you grow up with uncertainty swirling and twirling around you every day and night, you learn to hunker down for every….single…possible…..STORM 🌪🌪.

But, I’m here to tell you, you can learn to embrace change and conquer your fears💪🏻   

I’ve enjoyed listening to the thunder and rain this morning, as I write this, reflecting on how much things have changed. 

I’ve learned a lot in 42 years. One of my greatest triumphs came to mind as the lighting struck earlier this morning. 

Sometimes in life, the clouds cover up the sun and the winds start to blow. The sky turns gray and the lightning flashes without warning. And, it seems as when we are least prepared, the funnel touches down and tears apart all we have worked so hard to control. 

I’ve learned to leave my backpack behind, friends. I’ve learned to lean on God. He can and will allow me to sit out the storm, protect me during it, and if I am forced to go out into it….I know he’s holding the umbrella 🌂. 

I’m not afraid of storms anymore. Now, I watch with anticipation and listen for the sirens to go off. 

I am ready for whatever “this one” may bring. 
I’d like to share one of my favorite lines in a song with you today. 

“I can’t stop the rain from falling, but I will hold you til it goes away”. 

He’s got us…….every single second of each day. 
Much love, 

Linda 🌈

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